Biking/Fat Biking

Summer 2018 Rental Fleet Overview

Summer at the Moon features some amazing rental bikes – come by and check them out! Photo: Chris Young

If you are visiting the Hayward/Cable area, you’ve probably been down by the lake, you’ve climbed up into the big Musky, watched a Lumberjack show, and cruised Main Street for some goodies. But what you may not have done, or even thought you’d like, is rent a bike and head to the trails.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a first timer, New Moon’s Summer 2018 rental fleet has the perfect bike for you. The CAMBA trails are a great way to experience the beauty of the Northwoods, and with the right bike, you’ll be riding in comfort and control.

Experience At A Lower Cost

This summer, the rental fleet will be anchored by Specialized’s Fuse and Ruze, Front Suspension Mountain Bikes. These bikes offer the best of both-bigger tires for comfort and control and lightweight performance like a traditional mountain bike. The Fuse and Ruze feature 3” tires instead of the usual 2”. The extra volume dramatically changes the rider’s experience off-road.

Cutting Edge Technology

You can take some chances on the Stumpjumper. Photo: Specialized

On our Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, the Camber and Stumpjumper, specifically tuned shocks in the front and rear combine with grippy tires to give riders of any ability a great time on the single track. The cushy ride makes bumps, rocks and roots effectively disappear.

Next Level Comfort

The Pivot ready to tackle CAMBA. Photo: Chris Young

Up your game with the premium Full Suspension Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike from Pivot. The carbon adds comfort and cuts weight, so the Pivots are even lighter and plusher than the regular full suspension bikes making even the roughest trails accessible and enjoyable.

Stability and Safety

Older riders love the fat bikes. They offer more comfort and stability than traditional mountain bikes. Plus, they look super cool! Photo: Chris Young

Still haven’t tried out the Fat Bike experience? Summer still offers a great opportunity to try this twist on biking. For the uninitiated, Fat Bikes are mountain bikes with gigantic 4” to 5” wide tires. Most often, fat bikes are used to ride on snow, but these comfortable, safe bikes roll over every obstacle on the trail with ease. Run your tire pressure very low for stability and comfort. Everyone should try a fat bike!


Egan can shred the switchbacks on this Riprock 24″. Photo: Chris Young

Let the kiddos rip with 20” and 24” Riprocks for kids approximately 5 years old and up. The Riprocks feature 3” tires, just like New Moon’s adult front suspension bikes. These wider tires make twists, turns, and obstacles manageable for even the youngest kids.

Photo: Burley

Or, if you have an even smaller kiddo, bring them along with a Burley pull-behind. You’ll get an amazing workout and spend time with your little one.



Specialized Pedal Assist Ebikes are game changers. Do you want to tool around town on the bike path without breaking a sweat? Do you want to be able to keep up with your hardcore friends? Do you just not feel comfortable on a bike? The Ebikes can solve all of those issues! While you pedal, the Ebikes add a bit of power to your effort, so you can climb further and ride bit faster. Try a Como if you are looking to ride on the bike paths or roads. These are upright with a step through frame and larger seats and perfect for leisurely seeing the sights. The Levos are a more traditional mountain bike set-up, so you can hit the harder stuff with less effort. Ebikes allow riders of different abilities to stick together, so they are the perfect choice for groups.

New Moon also offers a couple different models of bike racks, helmets (free with rentals), and the option for spds (clipless pedals).

A happy group of mixed ability riders can all have a great time together. Photo: Chris Young

Bike rates range from $40 to $85 for 24 hours. When you get your dates dialed in, it’s best to get your reservation on the books. A staff member can recommend sizing and/or model if you are not sure. But, you are always welcome to stop in, test ride a few models, and line up your rentals at that time.

Give us a call with any questions or to book your reservation. We can’t wait to hear about your ride!