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Hatchery Creek Singletrack Refurb Begins

After several months of diligent trail work, the first section of the new and improved singletrack at Hatchery Creek Park is complete. Chris and Egan decided to check it out.

Hatchery Creek Park is a popular trailhead right outside of Hayward. It includes a pump track, skills park, bike and ski trails, and links up with the Birkie Trail. It is a great place to visit with family and friends as there is something for everyone as well as a pavilion with picnic tables, a fire ring, and restrooms.

The singletrack was originally built in the mid-2000s, so it is definitely time for a refresh. The CAMBA trail crew has been rebuilding the trail bed and also rerouting sections that are too worn out. The goal for the redo is that the loops and segments nearest to the facilities will be easier to ride. As the trail gets further out, the difficulty will increase.

So, on a beautiful fall afternoon, Chris and E headed over to the Hatchery to ride the new and improved first section of the singletrack. Both really enjoyed the experience. 

“The trail was a lot better,” Egan enthused, “there weren’t so many roots or big rocks on the trail. They also added a couple of little jumps that were really fun.”

Chris, too, mentioned how much smoother the new section was. “Over the years, the Hatchery trail has become rough, bumpy, and not beginner-friendly. It is important that such a family-friendly facility doesn’t only include difficult trails.”

Chris was also impressed that the crew was able to maintain the flavor of the original as a busy, winding, active trail, but one that will be more inclusive to different levels of riders.

If you are looking to go on a fun fall excursion, check out Hatchery Creek Park before the beautiful colors are gone—and thank a trail crew member if you see them on your ride.