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Share the Love of Biking This Month

This year is the 10th Anniversary of the 30 Days of Biking movement. If you aren’t familiar, 30 Days of Biking is a pledge to ride your bike every day in April and share your adventures online with the hashtag #30daysofbiking. Any distance, any destination.

30 Days of Biking started in 2010 in Minneapolis. Two friends enlisted their pals to commit to riding through April, and, as the discussion spread via Twitter, cyclists all over the world joined in. Over the years, the response has been staggering, allowing cyclists a joyful, dedicated way to share their love of riding. There is no minimum distance or amount of ride time, and, if you miss a day, that’s okay, too.

Many folks around town participate in the 30 Days of Biking pledge, most notably, Gary Crandall, Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductee and former head of the Chequamegon MTB Festival. In fact, Gary pledged in 2019 to ride for 30 days in April, and he kept riding…all year! He is still going strong with his riding, whether it’s during sleet and stormy weather or during a cross-country train layover. Here about his 30 Days cycling journey on this installment of thephilcastshow.

Even closer to home, our own Moonie Ian has been joyfully participating this April. He’d heard about the challenge a while ago, but wasn’t able to fully commit until now. “I’ve planned on doing it for the last couple of years, but then I always miss the start of the month, this year I just sort of stumbled into it unintentionally, but I’m glad I did. It’s definitely been more on my radar with Gary Crandall just taking it to a whole other level, he’s a madman (in a good way)!”

In previous years, the hardest part about the challenge would’ve been finding time, but now, it’s just finding the motivation when the weather isn’t great.

“It’s been a pretty Wisconsin-y April so far, several beautiful days that I could wear shorts, most days are decent, and then a few stinkers that have been cold, raining or snowing. I’m fortunate to have a lot of gear, so it’s just a matter of keeping up with laundry so I have clean clothes to ride in. I’ve used 3 different pairs of riding shoes, lots of layering combos, and various head/neck coverings. Hands and feet are the most important things to keep warm, so I make sure to have those covered when planning. It’s been a fun adventure to adjust to the daily weather, and makes me more grateful for the days that are at least decent.”

Even though the weather might be challenging, Ian says the best part about the challenge is appreciating nature and the boost he gets from the ride. “The best part is usually at some point on the ride when I appreciate being out in the fresh air and keeping the streak going, but mostly when I get home each time. I’d still say to this day, I’ve never had a truly bad day on a bike, it’s always worth it to go, and I always feel better physically and mentally. Plus, I’ve been seeing lots of wildlife and the changing of the seasons is very dynamic right now, so that keeps things interesting.”

Will Ian follow in Gary’s footsteps and continue to ride every day after the 30-day challenge is complete? “I’ll definitely continue riding after the 30 days, I don’t know how long I’ll keep the consecutive streak going, but I plan to increase my riding compared to previous years, so this is a great start to the season.”

As the 30 Days of Biking site says, “Although the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us apart, we’re in this together.” Whether it is riding your bike every day, taking the dogs for a swim, or going on a scavenger hunt with the kiddos, get outside every day to clear your mind and boost your spirit. Get active. Be smart. Stay safe!

Thanks to Gary and Ian for the photos.