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Seasonal Switch: Are You Ready for Ski Season?

Well, it’s that time of year, folks! We’ve been receiving our winter gear over the last few months, and now that we have come to the end of the summer racing season, we are now ready to start switching the store over to ski season. Goodbye road bikes, hello snowshoes! In-store traffic may slow down a bit, but we’re as busier than ever behind the scenes getting New Moon ready for the best ski season yet.

Sorry, Chris, it’s time to put that bike away!!

In this spirit, I’ve asked some co-workers what they are looking forward to this winter not only at the shop but for the season in general. Here is what they had to say:

“I’m looking forward to a family camping trip and a long hike near Lake Superior. It will be a nice balance to the standard chores that come with living in the north.” Syd’s family will also be celebrating her grandmother’s 94th birthday this year, so that will truly be a milestone.

“I can’t wait to switch over to my ski tech duties and be done with bikes!” Let’s not remind Dusty that we take care of fat bikes in the winter 😉 “I’m also looking forward to the cooler weather and being in the woods hunting.” He also mentioned trying out the new Rossi S1s.

Dustin’s sister Dani is ready to slow down a bit after a hectic summer. “I’m ready for the season of giving to begin. And to ski the Korte again this year.”

One of our newest employees, Hannah just wants to get out to ski. “I love being the first one out to ski, especially in the early morning or at night. The shimmering trees are so beautiful. I also can’t wait to see the new clothing, Swix especially.”

“I’m rolling up my paddleboards and getting my fat bike ready for night rides after dark,” Joel tells me. I’m organizing my fall/winter riding clothes and bike lights, as the daylight shortens and our workday takes more and more of the daylight. Night hikes and bike rides keep me happy!”

“I’m excited for all of the events that winter brings,” says Lori, “and for the new ski clothes.”

John also can’t wait for the first snow, but sounds like he has ulterior motives. “I want to beat Kenny in the Birkie, and I want to ski Rock Lake with Scott so I can hear him scream on the downhills.” I did ascertain that screaming was from excitement and not fear, of course.

“I am looking forward to the snow covered trees while skiing on the Birkie Trail,” says Chris Hecker.

Julie, in shipping, is working in a revamped work area this year. She is already getting organized in her new space. “I will be glad to welcome back some of our winter staff as well as meet some new employees who will be helping out in the back.”

Chris, like Joel, is ready to fat bike. “I look forward to the always surreal experience of riding my trusty fat bike and studded tires on first ice— smooth and clear as glass. First ice offers a brief, fleeting glimpse of the aquatic world below, as if looking into a colossal aquarium. Snow will soon win, though, covering it all. Then the real fun begins!”

I (Judy) am definitely enjoying the cooler weather. But my favorite part of ski season is Ladies’ Night (keep watching Facebook for all the details) and getting to talk to and take care of all of my favorite winter customers. OK, who am I kidding, also…it’s gotta be the clothes!

We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome all of the new winter products and the snowy winter weather. Give us a call….and see ya on the trails!