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Caring for Your Stoneground Skis

Want to know the right way to get your stoneground skis ready for the trail? Take a peek at this article from Ian Harvey, Toko Brand Manager. He offers a comprehensive yet simple way to prepare your freshly stoneground skis for the winter season. Thanks, Ian!

OK, so you got some new skis or you stoneground some skis you already had. Here is what you need to do before you can ski.

Here is a copper brush - great for waxing out softer wax.

First thing is to get the base ready for waxing. If the skis were freshly stoneground, they are good to go. If they are newly purchased skis, they maybe have been sitting in a warehouse or on a retail shelf for a very long time. The base material can harden a bit. To help the skis accept wax, brush the skis out well with a copper brush.

Ski tech is waxing a ski with base performance red hot wax.

The second step is to penetrate the base with hot wax. New Moon’s choice is Toko Red Base Performance. Hot wax the skis well. Let it cool completely and then reheat it. Repeat this 3-5 times.

Base performance blue is a great option after stone grinding.

Now that the skis have wax in the base, you need to harden the bases. If you don’t do this the bases will be so soft from this wax they are extremely sensitive to abrasion from early season cold snow. Your bases will be white after only a few kms. Scrape with a sharp scraper with no burrs and then brush out the wax very well with a copper brush. You are conditioning your base with the brushing. Then hot wax with Base Performance Blue. Let cool completely, scrape, and again brush out well with the copper brush. Repeat this process and the skis are ready to ski on. The second layer and brushing out well with the copper brush isn’t just hardening your bases but is also removing microhairs which slow skis down a lot in new powder snow.

From this point on, to make your skis faster just wax them and ski on them and repeat. The more you wax and ski, the better they get. Enjoy!