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Hayward goes to Bentonville for Spring Break

sweet Bentonville berms
Get ready to ride! Photo courtesy of
Chris Hecker, US Ski Team wax tech, dropping off a bridge in Bentonville, AR

You may remember a blog post from last year that featured Chris Hecker’s trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville is touted as the mountain bike capital of the world, with an extensive trail network (130 miles of singletrack connected right to downtown!) for all types of riders, not to mention a fun town with a ton of things to do, fantastic restaurants, and an overall great vibe.

This year, when New Moon ambassador Rebecca Ireland-Short and Fat champ, Fat Bike Birkie Half Fat champ, Borah epic podium finisher, MTC Cat 1 cyclocross racer, and Chris Young’s sister-suggested a family road trip to the biking Mecca, Chris, Judy, and Egan were on board. Plans were made for a Spring Break pilgrimage. Nothing trail-related was happening up here, so a spring training/relaxing vacay would be just the ticket to jumpstart the season.

Well, it turns out that about 6 other Hayward families (that we know of) had the same idea and made the trek over Easter weekend to bike their brains out long before Hayward’s trails would be ready to ride.

Here are some great photos of the Hayward crew taking over Bentonville.

Hayward families take a break on the bike path in Bentonville, AR
Flowering redbud trees and blue skies = big smiles for the ‘Sconnies!
Having a blast at a beautiful lake in Bentonville, AR
Hootin’ in the hollow.
Nightlife in Bentonville, AR - You belong here!
Great night life with shops, restaurants, and food trucks at 8th Street Market close to downtown Bentonville. You belong here!

I hope these photos inspired you to take a trip to Bentonville (in Hayward’s off season, of course!). Check out this article from twowheeledwanderer for tons of tips on your Bentonville trip. And thanks to the Sportel, Toshner, Eckes, Berens, Ireland, and Young families for their fun photos!