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New Moon visits the Nordic World Championships

“I must feel guilty we left the store behind on Birkie Sunday,” Chris said, “It’s like a Twilight Zone episode-I keep seeing Birkie backpacks all over the place!” “You are seeing Birkie bags everywhere,” Egan said, “It’s the airport. Birkie skiers are flying home.”

If you haven’t heard by now, New Moon owners, our marketing team, and special guests, Chris and Judy’s son, Egan, and Kristy’s dad, Bill, traveled to Slovenia for the FIS Nordic World Championships. It was a reunion of sorts – with our old friend Garrott, with tech ace Chris Hecker, and for Kristy & Bill, the country they called home for several years in the 70s. We had been enviously watching the amazing trips New Moon alum Garrott Kuzzy was planning with his company Lumi Experiences, so we decided to head overseas to experience the pinnacle of Nordic skiing-the Nordic World Championships held at the Planica Nordic Centre in Slovenia. 

I could talk forever about the hospitality, beauty, athleticism, cuisine, and camaraderie we experienced on the trip. But, I think the photos tell the best story about our adventure.

Let’s start with the scenery. We had mostly cloudy days, but the weather didn’t detract from the beauty all around us.

Whether it was the 4-star interpretation of traditional Slovenian cuisine or the absolute best continental breakfast on the planet, we had our fair share of great meals in Italy and Slovenia over the course of our trip.

We had plenty of adventures before and after the racing started including a biathlon lesson in Polkjuka, a gondola ride up to Monte Lussari, and a boat ride across Lake Bled.

Lumi guests hiked 6km, 2+ hours up a mountain and then sledded down under the full moon. We also attended a WWI walk, learning about the Italian and Austrian forces. Knife edge mountain passes and only a few dozen meters where separated opposing troops and soldiers would climb down the mountains for supplies overnight, returning to their posts by morning.

Planica Nordic Center is where the Nordic World Championships was held this year, beating out Norway for the honor. It was hard to keep our eyes on the action while being surrounded by such amazing views.

The fans. There are no words. Whether they were waving their flags, drinking their smuggled-in schnapps, or cheering for EVERY skier from EVERY country, Nordic fans are the tops!

The races and the racers are truly the stars of our trip overseas. The races were exciting and action-packed, and the racers and techs were gracious and kind.

We got to talk with our heroes and friends and really see what Nordic skiing is all about.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been more tired, but it was absolutely worth it. Thanks to Garrott and Lumi Experiences for sharing this great adventure with New Moon.

Thanks to Lori, Egan, Chris, Judy, and, of course, Garrott at Lumi for the photos!