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Toko Glove Guide

Check out this article from Toko Brand Manager, Ian Harvey, who offers a quick and easy primer on the Toko glove line-lightest to warmest.

3-Season Glove. It’s called the 3 season glove because it is so light, normally it would be used spring, summer, and fall (ie for rollerskiing).

Profi Glove. No insulation whatsoever and an elastic mesh between the fingers providing ventilation. Back of hand windblocker.

Classic Glove. No insulation but warmer than the Profi because between the fingers is also windblocker.

Thermo Race Glove. Light insulation on the back of the hand underneath a windblocker layer.

Thermo Plus Glove. Insulated with Thinsulate on both back of hand and palm. Outer layer is a softshell.

Arctic Glove. Insulated on both back of hand and palm with Primaloft Insulation.

Polar Race Glove. Cold Weather Racing Glove, Warm fingers without the bulk under the strap, thermo fleece fingers with membrane. Polar Race Glove has more insulation on the fingers and less on the body of the hand. This makes for warm gloves that fit very well in a pole strap.

This glove runs one size small, so get one size bigger than you would usually get. This is because it has quite a lot of insulation in the fingers but uses the same “starting size”.

Thermo Split Mitt. Has Primaloft insulation on back of hand and palm. Is a very compact split mitt that is surprisingly warm.

Toasty Thermo Split Mitt. Overstuffed with Primaloft insulation. I call this a “sleeping bag split mitt” that is supple, comfortable, and super warm.

Toasty Thermo Mitt. Overstuffed with Primaloft insulation. This a “sleeping bag” mitten that is supple, comfortable, and super warm.

Racing Overmitt. This is a windblocker overmitt that goes over the pole strap and whatever glove is being worn. The combination of a Thermo Plus and the Racing Overmitt is incredibly warm even in extreme cold temperatures (for people with reasonable circulation). They are a bit of a pain to get in and out of, but once in, they are great.