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The Crew Takes on Cuyuna

Getting ready to ride at Cykel
Elijah, Kristy, Chris, and Joel get ready for the morning’s ride at Cykel.

“You’re doing what,” my friend Paul barked at me over my phone. I had just told him that I was going for a 5-day biking/paddling getaway. But that’s not why he was so astounded. It was that we were going away with our partners-in-business and crime, Joel and Kristy. 

One of the serene, beautiful lakes in Cuyuna
One of the peaceful lakes in Cuyuna. Lakes here can be several hundred feet deep, as they are mine pits that have been flooded with water. Very clear and beautiful.

A couple of months ago, Kristy found out that our friend and New Moon photog Elijah was coming back from Sweden to visit. What better way to reconnect than some time on the water and trails? She booked an Air BNB in Cuyuna, MN (the grass is always greener, right?) so our two families and Elijah could catch up and recreate with some fun outdoor activities, too. 

This time away was honestly one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. There was no set schedule, there was a trail for everyone, there were special guests and special activities, and we didn’t obsess over work (too much). The best part, though, was spending time with some great people-friends who I truly respect.

After the way Paul said, “you’re doing what?!” I thought that he was going to “school” about why going away with my business partners was such a bad idea, but he said, “you know, it speaks to the good relationship that you guys have, that you would want to spend even more time together. It’s really great that you guys have that kind of relationship.” 

I think so, too.