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LillSport®—Outfitting The World’s Best Skiers since 1984

World Cup Podium
Fantastic ending of the World Cup with triple LillSport® on the podium. 

LillSport® is one of the most popular brands for cross country gloves in Europe and is a New Moon favorite. This premium glove brand was founded in 1984 in Karlstad, Sweden by the cross country skier Lasse Granquist whose goal was to make the best cross country glove on the market. Currently over 10 National Ski Teams call LillSport® their glove brand of choice.

Because LillSport® has its own factory located in Poland, product developers and production can work side-by-side carefully creating quality cross country gloves and nordic products.

This year at the shop, we have a couple of new additions to the LillSport® line-up. Of course, we have our best sellers like the Mitt 1 and Lobster – streamlined and protective without the bulk usually associated with splits and mittens; the touring trio—mitt, glove, and lobster—lined and warm;  and everyone’s favorite Wool Liner—80% Merino wool with only 19 micron fiber diameter to easily fit under any glove or mitt.

Lillsport Mitt 3

But since it seems like everyone is looking for a bit warmer mitt these days, we’ve ordered a couple of gems for those folks with cold fingers. The Mitt 3 is one step warmer than the Touring Mitt—a thick, insulated mitten with a secure cuff. The back of the hand is water-repellent canvas and the palm is goat leather. 

Lillsport adventure mitt set

If you need the ultimate mitten, more geared toward snowshoeing, spectating or, as the name says Adventuring, the Adventure Mitt Set has got you covered. The outer shell is made of water-repellant canvas and goat leather like the Mitt 3, but it is longer overall with a tension lock at the wrist and a drawstring cuff to keep out all of the snow and cold. It also includes a removable liner in thick, warm wool pile.

Lobster Jr in green

And for the kiddos, though I wish they carried these for grown-ups, the Lobster Jr has a new look, featuring the famous green Snow Gator! Although the fabrics and quality are the same as the adult lobster, the Jrs are specially-designed to fit smaller, wider hands.

Don’t forget the Boot Covers, Boot Cover Thermos, or the super-popular Earmuffs! All three products do an amazing job protecting you so you can have fun in the winter.

If you have any questions about LillSport® or any of our other gloves from brands like Toko, Bjorn Daehlie, KV+ or any of our just give us a call. We can help you with sizing and model comparison to make sure you get the right glove for the winter activities you love to do.