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The Right Color Lenses Can Bring Focus To Your Adventure

We love our Bliz optics here at New Moon. Featuring several proprietary technologies, these sunglasses are manufactured to the highest optical standards. The materials and manufacturing techniques provide maximum safety and clarity, even in the toughest conditions. All Bliz lenses are made with Bliz X-PC, the virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate that meets all standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact. This state of the art lens material also delivers 100% UV protection. And, besides looking absolutely amazing, Bliz lenses will keep you focused!

Bliz Optics Matrix Sunglasses

But while I knew all the different models, from the laid-back Luna to the bling-y Breeze, I really didn’t know which colors were good for what activity. And there are so many choices!

Choosing your lens color is more than a fashion statement. The correct color can actually elevate your sports performance and alleviate eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort. So choose wisely!

Bliz Active Motion Sunglasses


Blue lenses reduce glare, improve color perception, and help wearers to see contours around objects. This color also has a calming effect on the eyes. These lenses are great on the ski trails and also while spending time on the water. Particularly good for misty and foggy conditions or for fast-changing light conditions.

Bliz Polarized Lifestyle Sunglasses


The red hue in brown lenses improves depth perception and improves contrast, so glasses with brown lenses make judging distances much easier. Brown lenses also enhance shades of green and heighten contrast between landscapes and blue skies. They are not recommended for cloudy days, low light conditions, or night riding.


Optics with black, gray or smoke lenses are probably the most popular choice for any activity or condition. They are suitable on both cloudy and sunny days, providing anti-fatigue benefits and overall protection from glare – especially glare shining off water and wet roads. They are a perfect choice for outdoor activities, including cycling, fishing, and active sports. And for nature lovers, gray lenses have the added benefit of allowing the color of objects to be seen in their purest form. The dark lens may be too dark for mountain biking on shadowy trails depending on overall light conditions.

Bliz Matix Sunglasses


Red lenses increase your depth of field and vision and increase contrast. They are good in most weather but may not be protective enough for the sunniest days. They block incoming blue light, reducing eye strain. Very popular for xc skiing, especially in cloudy weather. However, red lenses can distort color perception, so distinct shades may be harder to differentiate.

Bliz Optics Matrix Sunglasses


Clear lenses, of course, are the perfect choice for night riding or low light conditions. Don’t forget, you still need to protect your eyes from dirt and debris (and snow) even when it is cloudy out!

Having the right gear on the trail can make your adventure excellent. The same goes for optics. Lens color affects the amount of shade, definition, and vision enhancement you experience. Many Bliz models, like the Hybrid, offer multiple lenses of different colors with one frame. Otherwise, make sure you have a couple of different models that cover the majority of conditions you like to ski, bike, or play in.