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New Moon Says Goodbye, Hello

The change of seasons always is chaotic around the shop. We not only switch over to a bike shop, we also have a changing of the guard. This year, we are lucky to welcome some new permanent employees along with the summer staff we look forward to working with all winter. And, unfortunately, we are saying goodbye (for now…) to one of our favorite Moonies (TBH, they are all our favorites!).


Elijah has only been with us for a short time, but we will miss him so much! He will soon be traveling to Sweden to pursue his graduate degree. I’ll let him tell you about his New Moon experience as I can’t see through my tears…

“At New Moon I have gotten to dabble in a little bit of everything. This winter I worked selling wax and clothing as well as working shipping. As the weather has warmed I have moved primarily into working as a bike mechanic.

After finishing at New Moon at the end of June I will be heading out to Colorado for a month with an old friend of mine to bikepack the Colorado trail from Denver to Durango. As soon as we finish that trip, I will be heading over to Umeå Sweden to pursue a master’s degree in Forest Ecology.

While working at New Moon I have been able to learn so much from everyone about bike mechanics, ski waxing, and just riding and skiing in general. I have never been able to work in a place that has such a family atmosphere and I am so grateful for that.

One day John Nissen asked me how I liked working at New Moon, and I remember telling him how special it was to find a place where I was able to live at some of my bosses’ house, chop wood and eat dinner with the others, as well as being able to ride and learn how to actually mountain bike with a new best friend from the shop. I am so excited to be able to carry that family feeling with me as I continue to ride, wrench, and ski over in Sweden.

While studying there I hope to complete a bikepacking trip of the Kungsleden, a 440 mile trip through the arctic, as well as ski the Mora Vasaloppet where hopefully some New Moon staff will be coming to join!”

Even though Elijah will be busy and far away we won’t be seeing the last of him. Lucky for us, he has agreed to be our “foreign correspondent,” sending us beautiful photography from all his adventures. “I am stoked to be able to continue to be a member of the New Moon team doing photo essays for the shop.”


New Moon is pleased to welcome Dani as our new Floor Manager. She will be keeping the sales floor stocked and stylish while providing amazing customer service.

“I have been working in the dental field my entire career. I have seen and worked in all sides of dentistry from assisting to working in a dental lab in St. Paul, MN.

Even though I loved the excitement of the Twin Cities, my heart has always belonged to the north woods. That’s how I ended up in Hayward; it’s home to me and close to my family. New Moon has been a part of my life since my brother started working here a few years back. Every time I came home to visit, I would always end up at the shop to see him. They were always so welcoming to me which gave me this sense of family.

The year 2020 made me take a step back and look at my life. I felt I needed a change! I am very excited to start my new adventure at New Moon working as the Floor Manager. This will be a bit of a learning curve for me but I am up for the challenge and look forward to learning all aspects of the business. My goal working here will be for me to become the best version of myself I can be through living a healthy lifestyle and spreading that joy to all people through biking and skiing.”


Syd has actually been part of the New Moon family since the ’80s when she and Kristy skied for the New Moon High School Team which was coached by New Moon founder, Steve Morales. She also worked retail for New Moon in the ’90s, and now, she is back helping us wrangle the books.

When she isn’t busy with her own business creating amazing leather handbags and accessories, she coaches for the Hayward High School boys’ and girls’ cross country teams. Or, you can find her running, biking, or skiing (tele, downhill, water, and xc, of course!).

Syd has actually been working in the office throughout the winter as Judy’s mom, Nancy, decided to step back from working early last year due to Covid concerns. (Thanks for everything, Nancy!)

Daryl McNutt Cycling


DARYL is a Hayward native who attended Hayward High School with Kristy and Sydney. He participated in this first Chequamegon 40 in 1990 with Greg Lemond (who won the race that year). He was hooked on cycling, eventually becoming a founding member of the UW Cycling program.

Daryl spent 20 years serving in leadership roles consulting and scaling innovative technology start-ups in the adtech and martech industry. Moving back to Hayward permanently in 2016, he is now here full time to lead our marketing efforts and strategic growth planning for the future.

As always, Chris Young, Joel, Chris Hecker, Judy, Kristy, Julie, Dusty, and Lori will be here to help you get out on the trails, whether you need a new bike, a jersey, a bike repair, or a package sent to your vacation spot. Riley, Nyla, Mitch, and Egan are also on board to make sure your experience at New Moon is top notch. Stop by and visit this summer, and we’ll see you on the trails!