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Executive Director of CAMBA to Retire

Executive Director Ron Bergin, one of the founding members of the organization, has announced that he will retire from his position with the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) at the end of 2020.  Ron has been with the organization from the inception in 1993, and has been the Executive Director since 1994.  “My involvement with CAMBA has truly been a labor of love”, noted Ron recently.  “The admin work, the trail work and everything about the CAMBA vision has been a great fit with my passions and strengths. What CAMBA has accomplished is a source of pride and legacy, for everyone associated with the organization.”

Although many people have been responsible for the success that is CAMBA, none can be said to be more responsible for the enormously successful trail network known across the country.  Ron’s vision and leadership has propelled the area to one of the premier off-road riding areas in the Upper Midwest, and the nation.  In the 26 years that Ron has been the Executive Director at CAMBA, the organization has:
– built over 130 miles of singletrack
– mapped over 250 miles of gravel routes
– organized more than 65 events on the trails
– helped organize another 40+ events run by others on the CAMBA trails

Ron himself has spent at least 25,000 hours over the past decades doing everything he can to promote, build and maintain the CAMBA trail network.  Whether he is carrying out admin duties, flagging a trail, running a chainsaw, swinging a trail tool, dodging aggressive insects or defending his dog from a rogue bear (ask him about that story sometime), Ron has always been on the case to make the CAMBA trails what they are.  

“All of us who love the trails are eternally grateful for everything Ron has done to propel mountain biking in Northern Wisconsin,” noted current Board President Joe Vadeboncoeur.  “Our trail network and organization would not be the same without Ron, and it will be tough to see him go. It has been an honor to be part of the organization with him, and to learn from him.”  

When asked what he intends to do next, “Ride more, ski more, read more, clear up a many page list of unfinished home maintenance projects, explore the backcountry more, and hopefully resurrect the 17-piece big band that I started in 1995.  I will still be involved with the trails in some way.” notes Ron in typical understated language.  

Please join all of us to wish Ron the very best and to thank him for all the incredible things he has done to make CAMBA what it is.  (Note that when you see him at Rivers Eatery, he does like a nice IPA.) 

Thanks to CAMBA for the article.