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Simplify Your Fluoros and Save Your Skis!

Toko Wax is known for their simple and practical approach toward waxing and ski prep. Here, Ian Harvey, Toko US Brand Manager, reviews a universal fluoro application technique for Toko Jetstream Bloc based on extensive, on-snow testing.

Toko’s Ian Harvey explains simple and reliable Jetstream Bloc fluoro application.

Most importantly, Ian uses a  fiber buffer (aka “Fiberlene”) to protect the skis from overheating. While the use of buffers is not necessarily new, it has not been widely embraced by skiers. A quick chat with our stone grinding technicians reveals than many, if not most race skis have some degree of heat-related damage from fluoro application. Our lead grind tech, Jeff Schmid, says most of his grinding time is spent removing overheated base material in order to apply a final base structure to a ski. He adds “While some overheating is unavoidable with fluoro and cold-weather waxing, racers would do well to be far more gentle with the wax iron whenever possible.”

Have a look and try out Ian’s method next time you prep race skis. Call New Moon’s ski and wax techs with your waxing questions! 800-754-8685

2 thoughts on “Simplify Your Fluoros and Save Your Skis!”

  1. David Harkness says:

    LOL great articles. Please tell us what Bauer did to ready his skis.

  2. Chris Young says:

    David, Here’s John’s report from the other article…

    I was very excited to receive my C3 classic skiis from Rossignol on Monday, as I was likely to need them for the upcoming Masters World Cup later in the week. They were ready for the Saturday 30 km and next Monday (10km) races. The grind came out clean and I prepped with alternating Toko LF grey and LF blue, probably putting in 4 layers of EACH with alternating scraping/ copper brushing–in addition to reheating! For race prep, I mainly went with the TOKO glidewax recommendation of LF grey again, scrape/brush; HF Red scrape; JetStream HS Red block, ironed in with fiberlene. For kick-base prep, the call was –again-TOKO products: ironed in green klister, covering with thin red klister, covering THAT with red hard wax. I found that combination too draggy so I covered with hard wax blue –two coats–to harden the kick somewhat. I had killer kick. The glide was still competitive with those primarily double-poling, presumably without much kick/ grip. Thanks New Moon and Jeff Schmid!!

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